Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal (Book Signing)- The Grove B&N, LA  on Saturday, November 24 2012. (PART 1/2)

I’m the one in the black leather jacket. Yes I took lots of pictures. Oops.

Last night was so amazing, I can barely describe what had happened myself. Chris was just so…Chris. I was placed into Group F, one of the last ones, but it was okay because I ended up running into Abraham and Tyler from TGP S2. I also creeped a little and took more pictures as he was finishing up and got to watch him walk out. I also care to mention that while I was on the 2nd floor my sister alerted me from the 3rd that he walked into the bathroom and I totally did not yell to follow in the most creepy way possible *cough*. 

I can’t exactly remember what happened, every thought disappearing the moment he shook my hand. Last time I couldn’t because I forgot but this time I made it a mission and boy, was that mission complete. FIRM GRIP Y’ALL. All I can really remember is that I told him I saw SBL and loved it because the film inspired me so much and he was really listening to everything I was saying. I had two books (which I used to literally buy more time :3) but this conversation was actually a really in depth one.

He asked if I was a writer myself in which I said yes. Then he told me “Awesome, awesome. Keep going for it, I believe in you.” Can I just say. If Chris Colfer believes in you, I don’t think I’m ever giving up on this dream. And that’s when I thought:

“Chris Colfer really is the boy who flew. If a small town boy from Clovis, California can do it…maybe I can, too.” :)

(Also, to those who were at the signing- that B&N worker. You know the one I’m talking about. His accent though…and he feels my feels D:)

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